Xin Zhang

15 year experience on customer support and troubleshooting. Strong
hands-on ability, sense of safety, cost, quality issue tracking and
failure analysis. Be able to use popular CAD software (CATIA, UG,
FreeCAD, AutoCAD etc,). Fluence oral English.
?????power BI desktop??????????????
(VB?python?DOC command, C++)????????
With good computer skill, be able to use main operation system ,
advance user of Microsoft office, Power BI Desktop. Be able to write
simple script (VB, BAT, Python, C++)for the purpose to increase
work efficiency.
Excellent interpersonal and coordination skills, good at collaborating
with other departments and completing work tasks on time with
limited resource.
PMP??????? 2740548
PMP certified. Certification No.2740548
Have a C1 driver’s license