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We will not tell you how to grow; We will show you.


    “We have worked with Tagsom for 4 years and they are now running everything related to IT for our global expansion.” Learn More

    What we do for Kvaser
    Online Sales

    Help implement and grow e-commerce businesses which also rapidly increases active customers.

    Digital Transformation

    Help organizations become more effective in both sales and communication through digital media.

    Webpage Management

    Provide Advanced website management with both intranet, webpage, and customized projects.

    Video E-Learning

    Help produce high-quality e-learning videos that attract and drive traffic to company sites.

    Attractive Powerpoints

    Keep presentations updated and attractive to make sure that teams are focused on the right things.

    International Growth

    Help companies grow into global players by creating websites for multiple languages and platforms.

    Print Materials

    Provide print material when needed, and assign a dedicated person to make sure materials are up-to-date.

    Digital Project Management

    Assign Experienced project managers so you always have all resources and projects are completed on time.

    International Outsourcing

    Help reduce cost/hour and scale when needed through simple contracts.

    What we helped Achieve

    We are committed to helping increase revenues through advanced digital media.

    Becoming Truly Global

    Maintaining and growing a truly global network of partners across countries and industries.

    Scale your Digital Business

    We believe having the ability to scale with organizational needs has been a key to successful growth.

    Talent Venture Group

    “We have used Tagsom several times to roll out new entrepreneurial projects to speed up and test new services.” Learn More

    How we helped TVG

    We spend our time on bringing your new & exciting visions to life in the best way possible.

    Digital Transformation

    Help organizations become more effective in both sales and communication through digital media.

    Hanna Goliath

    “We have done all our development with the Tagsom team and are now rolling out services All over the world.” Learn More

    How we helped Hanna Goliath
    New Business

    We believe having the ability to scale with organizational needs has been a key to successful growth.

    We take full responsibility to manage your project from start to end.


    Helping you form a plan to achieve your vision. Here we discuss content strategy, competitor analytics, KPI management, and content architecture. Get in Touch.

    Information Design & UX

    In step 2 we look at the usability of the project and do ux prototyping to make sure we understand the scope. We show you designs and discuss the future. Get in Touch.

    GUI / Front End

    In Step 3 is the first time we code parts of the project. We test the front end code and make sure that style guides and visuals fonts and images makes a great fit. Get in Touch.

    Quality Assurance

    In quality control we make sure all functions are 100% working, all bugs are fixed and if needed load test or test on specific devices. If needed then we add security testing. (Yes we did add an error for you to spot). Get in Touch.


    In step 5 the real development starts with backend systems and integrations. Here we also test to make sure everything works. Get in Touch.

    Business Analysis & Specifications

    In Business analysis and technical analysis are matched with the organisation. We contact all stakeholders and make sure everything is aligned. Get in Touch.

    Content Implementation

    In content implementation we hand over the system to content production which is usually a mix of client and Tagsom projects to make sure videos, SEO, Illustrations and the rest is uploaded. Get in Touch.

    Training & Documentation

    A step often forgotten is training and documentation. We have this as a core part of the project to make sure organisation has proper documentation and training. Get in Touch.

    Service Management

    The final step of the process is system administration and devOps planning. We have a set of suggested tool to keep both application and hardware happy.
    Get in Touch.

    Client ProjectInvoice Summary
    Invoice Jul: $3808
    Project Management
    Fixed Cost
    Invoice Aug: $4508 (Hrs)
    Project Management
    Fixed Cost
    Current Sep: $9508
    Project Management
    Fixed Cost

    Our In-House Resource System

    We provide all of our clients with access to our Tagsom Resource System where they can always track all the various resources being used on their projects. Our Resource system shows exactly how many hours are being applied and where so you easily get a complete overview of your projects.

    Tagsom Production System - A headless CMS

    The TPS is a tool provided free of charge to all customers that want to expand their companies beyond english. The TPS is a fully integrated tool to quickly create content across many languages to optimize content for localized markets. It can be used for web apps, mobile apps or anything that can be hooked into an API. A great experience for companies who are not sure of where they will use the content in the future.

    At Tagsom, we believe in making a positive change

    Using our Tagsom Production system, we developed a free educational app for kids about “The curious Sisters”. We have 12 unique kids books that will take your children on exciting journeys that bring to life the fun of reading and learning. These books are available in 7 languages paired with more than 30 minigames.

    With more than 100,000 downloads through the App Store, we beleive TPS has helped us produce an app that can really make a difference in the world of children’s learning.

    Let’s make history.

    Warp Institute is building a global community to make the future come sooner. Warp’s first project is to help Beyond Atlas send the world’s first private mission to an asteroid. Tagsom is a proud sponsor of this organization providing everything it needs from design and development. Watch a 2 minute video of the mission below.

    Tagsom is 100% green!

    At Tagsom, we are both 100% green energy compensated and CO2 compensated for travel and all the electricity we use. Tagsom is a very proud supporter of Trine and Climeworks.

    We are Proud Sponsor of

    Giving People’s vision is that no child in Sweden should live in exclusion or poverty. They are a non-profit organization that works to combat financial vulnerability and child poverty that exists in Sweden.

    Tagsom belives that every child deserves an education. To further support this version then we are a proud sponser of Aktiv Skola which shares our better education for all children