Tayyaba Arshad

Hi there! My name is Tayyaba, and I am a passionate UX/UI designer who has been working with Tagsom for more than 3 years on multiple projects. I specialize in creating user-friendly mobile and web app designs, and I take complete responsibility for every step and phase of the design process, from UX research to UI design.

With my expertise in web design UX/UI, mobile design UX/UI, and web app design UX/UI, I can help you sort out all your design needs according to your brand and user demand. I work with a range of tools such as AdobeXD, Figma, Miro, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop to create visually appealing and intuitive designs.

If you’re looking for a reliable and skilled designer to assist you in creating user-friendly and engaging designs for your mobile or web app, feel free to contact me. I’d be more than happy to help you out!