Snata Surobhita Das

Hello There,

I have more than 2.3 years of Testing and Automation QA, wishing to achieve high career growth through a continuous learning process.

??????My Professional Summary Includes:??????

?Quality Assurance and Test Automation.
?Rich Experience in Software Testing Life Cycle, and Bug Life Cycle.
?Extensive proficiency in Carrying out Functional Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity
Testing and Regression Testing.
?Experience in Automation Testing using Selenium WebDriver, Java with
?Framework-combination of TestNG and Maven.
?Proficient in identifying dynamic elements from HTML using X-Path and different
Element Locators.

My Technical Skills involves:

?Automation: Selenium WebDriver, TestNG,
?API Testing: Postman
?Build management Tool: Maven
?Source code management: GIT
?Continuous Integration: Jenkins
?Bug Reporting: Jira, Trello

Happy to be a part of QA Projects.

Looking forward to bagging my first project on Upwork.