Nityanand Jha

Greetings, I am a proficient Python developer with a specialization in web application development, and I possess extensive knowledge of database management systems. In the context of your PIMCore-related project, I bring to the table a strong command of SQL and experience in managing databases, which are integral for PIMCore’s operations.

I am adept at quickly learning new technologies and welcoming new challenges, with skills that can be adapted to support the PIMCore platform. My key areas of expertise include:

JavaScript, Typescript, Express.js, which can facilitate seamless integration with PIMCore’s front-end requirements.
MongoDB, MySQL, Azure, SQL Server, AWS; with a particular focus on MySQL which is one of PIMCore’s supported database systems.
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, essential for PIMCore’s interface design and user experience.
AJAX, REST API, SOAP, JSON, XML, which are integral for managing data interactions within PIMCore.
Version control systems such as GIT, which can be beneficial for managing PIMCore development and updates.

In every project, I adhere to best practices and ensure standardization in the code. Along with technical skills, I pride myself on my strong communication abilities and dedication to precise, high-quality work.

Throughout my career, I have successfully executed numerous international web projects on various MVC frameworks. In addition to my technical abilities, I possess excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.