Nidhi Patel

Expertise in PHP – As WordPress is built using PHP, a strong understanding of this programming language is crucial for developing WordPress plugins, themes, and custom functionality.
Knowledge of WordPress APIs – Understanding the various APIs available in WordPress, such as the REST API and the WP_Query API, is essential for developing custom functionality and integrating WordPress with other systems.
Experience with MySQL – WordPress uses MySQL as its database management system, so a good understanding of this technology is important for working with WordPress databases and creating custom database queries.
Familiarity with WordPress themes and plugins – A solid understanding of how WordPress themes and plugins work, as well as the ability to develop and customize them, is crucial for building WordPress sites.
Familiarity with version control systems – Using version control systems like Git is crucial for managing code changes and collaborating with other developers.
Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills – Being able to identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently is important for any developer, and particularly so for WordPress developers who may be working on live sites.
Excellent communication skills – Clear communication with clients, stakeholders, and other developers is essential for delivering projects on time and within budget.