Jesi Singmipem

I am an experienced transcriber. I had been transcribing for more than 9 years. I type 79 words per minute. I can transcribe any subject matter. I proofread all of my transcripts after typing to ensure quality. I give my best on every project as I’m looking to work with my clients for long time.

I can transcribe any accent, be it American, Australian, Canadian, European, British, Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian, and give 99-100% accuracy. I’m also available for quick turnaround.

I have experience with verbatim, strict verbatim, and clean verbatim. I can put timestamps on the transcripts if needed.

Subtitle and closed captioning is an added service I’m providing. You’ll get quality results.

I’m also providing short turnaround services, 8-12 hours TAT.

I can transcribe:

• General Transcription
• Interviews Transcription
• Educational Audio/Video Files
• Podcast Transcription
• Focus Groups Transcription
• Webinars Transcription
• Business Transcription
• Medical Transcription
• Legal Transcription
• Telephonic/Conference Transcription
• YouTube videos Transcription
• Online Courses Transcription
• TV Shows/Movies Transcription
• Presentation Transcription
• Technical and Non-Technical Transcription
• Academic Research Transcription
• Market Research Interviews