Abhi B

Abhi is vaving more than 7 years experience in Graphic Design, I tend to select jobs that require my drawing and creativity skills. I have designed various animations, Flash presentations, graphics, iPhone Apps and websites. I have worked on HTML/CSS, XHTML, 3D, Corel, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash etc and the projects based on design in conjunction with various other web development technologies. ASP.NET & PHP (pure PHP, PHP with OOP, PHP with frameworks), SQL (generic SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ORM), JavaScript (generic JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX), Comet server (real-time data streaming), XHTML, CSS, XML and SVN, Web 2.0, Implementation of html coding for Websites in css1-css2, Div based productions, expertise in Bootstrap with HTML5, JQuery implementation, Grid 960 style, Less CSS etc are used. I am seeking opportunities to create high quality designs that are original and user friendly