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2018 - 2022

Talent Venture Group is a collective of companies that all focus on improving the quality of the recruitment industry. TVG is a global investor in HR & Talent technology companies. They launched in 2018 and have a strong record in growth.
TVG’s Vision
TVG develops early-stage companies within the HR & Talent tech sphere, into valuable companies ready for the global arena. The focus of TVG is on venture development, and supporting our companies as much as possible, to add value and secure a joint long-term growth journey.
As a company within the group, TVG offers a strong and integrated eco-system of services and support, such as administration, accounting, finance, technology-platforms, sales & marketing coaching, financing and strategy development. The mission of TVG is to act as a strategic partner to the companies and to support them on their accelerated journey towards global impact.
TVG Vision

Project Results

Business Expansion
Business Expansion
Tagsom helps develop MVP products, wordpress sites and support different product managers with new ideas and technical platforms to improve the time to market. Having a truly global mindset and experience in the Tagsom team has helped TVG to quickly manage new ideas.
Impressive Growth
Tagsom is since 2018 a growth partner and is providing project management support, digital advisory and digital consultants to provide support to the 12 local companies that do not need full time developers.
Tagsom has provided support with UX and prototyping giving the product managers more space to innovate and test new products before hiring inhouse resources.

“Tagsom is a brilliant organisation who is relentlessly focused on achieving tangible, measurable results. Tagsom gets things done and does not hesitate for a second to step in and get its hands dirty. They have a profound understanding of digital top to bottom and faces no challenge in engaging discussions about technology, marketing, HR, and finance. Something, which is critical for every successful digital transformation, but often is overlooked.”

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How we help TVG achieve their vision

Experinced team that helps with designs and UX of new web pages, services, logos and ideas that the product managers come up with.
Digital Strategy.
Running many companies requires a tight resource management and also to do the projects in the right order to ensure success. Tagsom help TVG with the digital strategy of new projects.
Project Management.
Managing resources and projects require a clear communication to make sure all stakeholders are up to date what is prio. Tagsom provides project management support through TeamGantt, Trello and Jira to make sure that everyone is up to date.
The core resources provided are WordPress developers, Php developers, Java developers, user experience designers, desginers, quality assurance engineers, project manager and resources related to creating content such as video teams.
Tagsom help with Prototyping which refers to an initial stage of a software release in which developmental evolution and product fixes may occur before a bigger release is initiated. These kinds of activities can also sometimes be called a beta phase or beta testing, where an initial project gets evaluated by a smaller class of users before full development
We provide video support to TVG to create inspirational marketing videos for the newly developed services. This means taking early stage ideas and then turning it into sales material that can be used internally, externally and within social media to test the services.
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Nova is one of the strongest brand within young professionals seeking to expand their network and learn more about how they can optimize their career. Combining the best from human and AI insights.
talent match
Talent Match
Creating insights through talent data and helping companies and talent create a better future together. a value driven tech company with a solid foundation in talent tech innovation. Tagsom is helping talent match with ux, project management, test and digital strategies.
talent match
Job Crawler
The Crawler Prototype is a project to extract information from the web, categorize the data and then make it available both for content and leads generation within the organization.

As soon as we started working with Tagsom, the spectacular results became prominent. We cannot imagine working with any other agency for strategy implementation and development. We are immensely happy with our partnership! 

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