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Kvaser supplies advanced CAN solutions to engineers designing and deploying systems. The company was founded some 30 years ago by Lars-Berno Fredriksson. In the last 15 years the company has focused on hardware and is now considered the leading CAN-Interface supplier globally.




2012 - Ongoing

Kvasers Vision
Kvaser’s Vision
With 30 years of experience and more than 60 CAN-related products to our name, Kvaser has deep knowledge of CAN and related bus technologies. Whilst R&D and production are carried out in Sweden, our standard products are available through a worldwide network of sales representatives. What’s more, our global Technical Associate network can provide you with state-of-the-art solutions, for whatever sector you operate in.
Our goals and commitment to our customers have remained the same throughout our company’s history. Kvaser’s aim is to be recognized as the leading provider of innovative and cost efficient CAN solutions. We strive to achieve this by listening to our customers and partners, understanding their problems and challenges, and focusing our innovative thinking and experience to help solve their needs.

Project Results

project results

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Business Expansion
The Tagsom team supplies with around 40 resources on an hour to hour basis to make sure expansion goals are met no matter if it is a presentation or a new customized project for a new product. The goal is always to have experts available to meet the business goals no matter when or where the resources need to be.
Staying innovative is all about experiments and data. Tagsom keeps collecting data about visitor behaviour and looping it back to the organisation. It can be feed into the CRM system or the management team so they can stay informed what customers are searching for, what competitors are doing or if there are new ideas arriving from support cases.

“We have worked with Tagsom for 4 years and they are now running everything digitally related to our global expansion. We have proudly done all of our development through the team and are now rolling out services in both Europe and China.”

e learn
e learn
Kvaser E-Learning
The Kvaser elearning is a mix of text and video to help customers feel more knowledgable about CAN. The elearning is the primary driver of new members of the database and a longtail for the growth of new customers.

How we help Kvaser achieve their vision

Tagsom is helping Kvaser to make sure everything from brand book to presentation, web, print and other materials used in communication is kept in mint condition.
Digital Strategy.
The Tagsom team is working based on established models within the CXM space to optimize the user experience. This means everything from high level customer experience maturity models all the way down to marketing automation routines.
Tagsom is not a marketing agency but we work closely with marketing directors, marketing agencies and other great marketing resources. With Kvaser we coordinate global efforts from both agencies and internal resources to make sure that the digital efforts are optimized.
Site Analysis.
Understanding the users is a core inspiration for improvement and growth. Tagsom is using tools such as Hotjar, Google Analytics and SEM Rush, GT Metrix and other to ensure that there is a clear feedback loop from the digital projects that we create together.
Applications & Web.
To further enhance the growth of Kvaser Tagsom has developed custom software such as Canbrowser and TPS which enables both products and content to be updated and distributed on a global scale. This enables a more precise and yet flexible experience for the users.
The ability to build trust with the users has always been at the core not only for Kvaser but also Tagsom. Having great elearning about how to solve problems and great product videos which demonstrate how to get started is an enabler for both junior and more experienced clients and partners.
tagsom digital

Tagsom is digital! By that I don’t mean that they only have two states but that they know everything digital and related to the web. They really have a passion for customer experience management. Tagsom is well connected when it comes to off- or near-shooring. They have now teams in India, Pakistan, Estonia, Romania etc. and of course Swedish domestic teams. Deadlines are very important to the team and they make the utmost effort to deliver on time.

Michael Odälv , Former COO, Kvaser

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