[PIM] Taranpreet Singh

As an experienced professional specializing in Pimcore, I am currently employed by Canbrowser. My expertise revolves around the use of Pimcore, a leading open-source enterprise software.

Over the course of my career, I’ve conducted various pre-studies between different systems and integrations, which has given me a strong understanding of how to create and maintain efficient workflows.

My skills with Pimcore include but are not limited to:

• Development and integration of custom themes • Installation and setup of Pimcore • Conversion of PSD to HTML/CSS within the Pimcore environment • Export and import of data • Speed optimization for Pimcore platforms • Converting HTML/CSS to Pimcore themes • Fixing bugs within the Pimcore platform • Providing support and maintenance for Pimcore systems • Developing responsive designs within the Pimcore environment

In addition to these skills, I also have experience with server administration tasks:

• Installation and configuration of Linux (Debian, CentOS distro)/Unix (VPS, dedicated) web servers • Installation and configuration of Apache, Nginx, PHP FastCGI with Varnish, Memcache/ Redis cache engine • Management of server security • Remote server administration

I’ve dedicated numerous hours to mastering these skills, which, coupled with my practical experience, allows me to offer expert services in the realm of Pimcore development and maintenance.