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    Customized ai and gig

    Customized AI and Gig Economy Integration

    Tailored solutions seamlessly blend artificial intelligence and gig economy dynamics, optimizing your resource allocation. Maximize efficiency and adaptability as your business thrives in the era of customized, intelligent workforce integration.
    Digital projetc

    Digital Project Management

    Leverage cutting-edge technology for streamlined planning, execution, and monitoring. From dynamic task tracking to real-time collaboration, achieve unparalleled efficiency and success in the digital era.

    Strategy Planning and Analysis

    Unleash the power of informed decision-making as we meticulously analyze your goals, market dynamics, and competition. From comprehensive strategic planning to insightful data analysis, our service is your roadmap to sustainable growth and success in a dynamic business landscape.
    Navigate the digital frontier with confidence! Our mission is clear: Empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to not only adapt but excel in the fast-paced Digital Age. Discover tailored solutions, innovative strategies, and a roadmap to thrive amidst technological evolution. Your success is our commitment

    John Varvatos
    Director at Tagsom


    At Tagsom, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge digital strategies with the flexibility of the gig economy to provide distinctive growth solutions for SMEs. Our expert project manager team and innovative tools are committed to transforming your digital landscape.

    Our Rates

    330 kr/h


    330 kr/h


    175 kr/h

    Admin and Test

    450 kr/h

    SEO Experts

    16,000 kr/month

    On-site Project Managers

    Proudly Hosting Swedish Project Managers! 🇸🇪

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    Digital mastery

    Digital Mastery

    Elevate your digital landscape with our tailored solutions, crafted for seamless adaptation and mastery in the ever-evolving digital realm. Embrace a future where your digital presence is synonymous with excellence.


    Tailored Solutions

    Elevate your experience as we craft solutions specifically designed to meet your unique needs. Embrace a future where your challenges find their perfect match.


    Cost-Effective Growth

    Where strategic efficiency meets financial prudence. Our solutions pave the way for sustainable expansion without compromising your bottom line. Experience a transformative journey towards growth that's both impactful and budget-friendly.

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    Join the waitlist and be at the forefront of transformative growth! Tagsom merges innovative digital strategies and gig economy flexibility to redefine the future for SMEs. Secure your spot to unlock unparalleled opportunities in the evolving landscape of business success.

    Send us an email at waitlist@tagsom.com, providing details about your company and requirements.

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      Seize control of your project's destiny with our flexible cancellation policy. Project managers enjoy a one-month notice, while for all other resources, you can cancel on the very day you no longer require their expertise for your projects. Empower your decision-making with our agile approach to resource management.