Unlock Your Digital Potential with Tagsom

    The Tagsom Advantage

    At Tagsom, we blend cutting-edge digital strategies with the flexibility of the gig economy to offer unique growth solutions for SMEs. Our expert project manger team and innovative tools are dedicated to transforming your digital landscape.

    Digital Mastery

    Leverage our expertise in digital transformation to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace

    Tailored Solutions

    Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We understand your unique challenges and craft strategies that align with your business objectives.

    Cost-Effective Growth

    Benefit from our optimized business model that ensures high-quality services at competitive prices


    330 kr/h


    330 kr/h

    Admin and test

    175 kr/h

    SEO Experts

    450 kr/h

    On site Project Manager

    330 kr/h

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    Grew from 30 to 200 Msek with the Tagsom process

    We built and new AI engine

    We created a online community in less than 4 moths

    We converted our old site to a brand new site, 10 million forum posts and implemented a new AI in 4 months

    Our Services

    Digital Project Managment

    Strategy Planning and Analysis

    Customized AI and
    Gig Integration

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