Magento is an open source e-commerce platform programmed by PHP for online store which has flexible Shopping Cart.


Magento Features

Magento is developed by PHP, Zend Framework and MyHQL/MariaDB database management system. It has a basic theme for customizing all pages which can be done by CSS, HTML & PHP. Magento connecting managers supports downloading and uploading theme to the server. It has CMS for landing page including all information.

Magento is highly secured and backup supported like database backup, system backup and Media backup.


Why Magento

Magento is fully friendly with service engine and has powerful marketing & catalog management tools. It has Google content API and auto-generated sitemap. Its administration permission system can control multiple websites and share information to all. One admin panel also can access the native application on iPad, Android mobiles and iPhone and search engines.

Magento Provides Global support as multiple currencies, website registration, integrates several different domain names into one control panel.